About InsuranceWorks Agency

Our agents have assisted clients with their retirement readiness and insurance needs for almost two decades. After several years working within a captive insurance organization we had the strong desire to be able to do more for our clients, to provide the product or plan that served each individual need. Creating an independent agency allowed us that ability to obtain products for each client as the need came up and then additional products as their needs or environment changed. We give our client’s the personal advice and assistance they deserve.  We are here throughout the year to help our clients – with questions, concerns, or whatever their needs may be.

We provide personalized recommendations relating to Medicare Planning, Long-Term Care planning, Critical Care needs, Final Expenses, Life Insurance, and Asset Protection. Our goal is to provide personal service and customer satisfaction. We have been fortunate to serve many happy clients over the years and have experienced firsthand how insurance benefits play an instrumental role in the financial security and peace of mind of individuals and their families.  Our clients can be confident they will receive the highest level of ethical and professional service.

Tasha Scafe-Tuor

Tasha’s career of serving others began in the 1990’s when she managed assisted living communities, during which, she witnessed a growing need for insurance planning and asset protection. The financial exposure families face for long-term care, disability, final expense, and outliving their assets prompted her to explore the insurance field to better assist families and individuals live more comfortably into their retirement years. She has now been serving the financial needs of others through appropriate insurance and financial planning since 2000.

Tasha is highly dedicated in providing the best possible service to her clients from the initial evaluation visit, through to updating her clients’ coverage and protection as their needs change throughout their years. Her clients can depend on her continuing quest to update her knowledge as the insurance industry evolves, providing the most appropriate recommendations, and having multiple options available whilst continuing to focus on her core commitment of personalized one-on-one attention. Tasha’s clients can always rest assured they will receive the highest level of ethical and professional service.

Tasha and her family enjoy most winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing. She attends her yoga class when she can, works on random home improvement projects, and serves as an in-house referee for her two highly spirited boys along with her daughter they’ve lovingly nicknamed, “The Enforcer” in tow.

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Toby Tuor

You may not know when and you may not know why, Toby is our Everything Guy.  You’ll find him answering a call, assisting clients, going over product information, or just pitching in with whatever needs his attention.

Toby has worked behind the scenes in insurance for many years and his background was in the electrical trade for 20 years until 2012 when he decided to leave being a Project Manager/Lead Electrician in favor of helping out more on the home front.  When not being hands-on at InsuranceWorks Agency, he moonlights as a personal chauffer to his and Tasha’s three children. He can be found on a random Wednesday shopping at the local grocer, working on home improvement projects, and he most definitely enjoys being the glue that holds his family together.  He runs a tight ship and that attention to detail also translates to the clients he serves.

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Tiffany Lucus

Tiffany joined InsuranceWorks Agency to help aid in all things “Client Service”.  Her organization, responsiveness and take-charge attitude to get things done have delighted all those who cross her path.  In addition, as our Lead Agent, she goes the extra mile to make sure our client’s questions and concerns are met with care and compassion.  Tiffany strives to make every person she works with has a positive experience from start to finish.  As a licensed independent agent, she listens to what’s important to each individual, informing them of their options and then guiding them in finding the right choice in coverage to protect their budget, preferences, and peace of mind for years to come.

In addition to the many joys of motherhood with her adorable daughter, Tiffany loves cooking, being outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends.

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